My couple yesterday were just perfect for one another, the perfect family unit. We met only a few weeks ago so time was of the essence to create their bespoke wedding ceremony. 

When I was introduced to Charlotte and Dan, I received an email that stated “ We are not the most romantic or sentimental of couples, so we won’t be expressing our ‘undying love’ for each other with words…. but we have been together for 16 years and have 3 beautiful children.” 

Well, if I am honest I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Was I to be involved in the first ever unromantic wedding service in the world ? 

Not quite. For, if Charlotte & Dan think they are unromantic and do not possess any sentimental bones in their bodies…. they are wrong. 

As you knock on their front door you will notice a sign hanging out side the home saying “ Bricks and beams may build a house, but love builds a home”

A beautiful, accurate and sentimental comment, announcing to the world outside, that inside ‘this’ home exists love. Undying love for each other as a couple and a family unit.

After composing their wedding ceremony script and emailing it to them to look over, I received another email from Charlotte which stated. 

“Dan and I had a discussion and we have made a big change to the day!

We decided that because your service is so lovely we don’t want anything to take away from it being our wedding…even for us. We are now getting married the day before in our jeans and T shirts – just our mums there as witnesses. No exchange of rings, very brief , just as you suggested.”

The big day was soon upon us, I arrived at the beautiful Cuddington Golf Club super early as usual, & I think it’s fair to say that the weather was not on our side, but nobody allowed a bit of rain to dampen the spirits. 

The guests had  started arriving at a steady flow creating a real vibe. The room  began to fill up with their friends and family, some of which hadn’t seen each other for many years and so there was a lovely atmosphere, with lots of people reminiscing and catching up with one another.

The Bride of course arrived fashionably late, brolly in hand, followed closely behind by the couple’s adorable three children adorned in their stunning blush pink bridesmaids dresses. 

After a quick adjustment of the girls headdresses, they were ready for their big entrance. 

I always have a moment with the groom before we start just to calm any nerves, his and mine !  As his lovely bride entered the room, the nerves just dissipated as his beautiful children ran towards the front of the room to greet their daddy with a welcoming hug.  Reunited at the front of the room their unique wedding ceremony began, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. 

After the vows, we concluded the ceremony with a handfasting, a ritual that inspired the term “tying the knot”.  The couple had one coloured ribbon made up of six separate colours. They choose three colours each.  By binding them and joining them together, using The Lovers Knot we were symbolising their family unit coming together and confirming their commitment to one another.

It was a modern and symbolic take on an ancient Celtic tradition and was the perfect conclusion to this lovely celebration.

Pictures for this blog taken by Natalie Harrison.

Venue:        The Cuddington Golf Club.

Celebrant:   Barny Harrison of  Impressive Ceremonies.

Photographers: Stacey & Mike @ Stacey Lou Photography.

Music: John Shepherd,  M & D Music.